101 In 1001, Take 1

October 5, 2011 ~ July 1, 2014

001.  Maintain a daily yoga practice.
002.  Create a successful vintage clothing business. 
003.  Create an organic vegetable garden.
004.  Run a 5 K.
005.  Run a 10 K.
006.  Run a 1/2 marathon.
007.  Become active in the YWCA.
008.  Finish Nana's quilt.
009.  Double blog readership, from 120 to 240.
010.  Double Twitter followers, from 101 to 202.
011.  Go to the theatre alone and enjoy the show.
012.  Complete a 365 photo project.
013.  Finalize divorce.
014.  Marry Bob. (6-30-13)
015.  Work through "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron
016.  Write Morning Pages every day for 30 days in a row.
017.  Make a list of 25 things I like about myself.
018.  Make a list of 100 things that make me happy.
019.  Make a list of 101 things I have already accomplished.
020.  Make a list of all of the books I have read.
021.  Create a list of 101 things to do in the 1001 days following the completion of this challenge.
022.  Get a digital SLR camera.
023.  Learn how to use my digital SLR camera out of the automatic mode.
024.  Learn how to use Photoshop like an expert.
025.  Buy a vintage camera.
026.  Watch a foreign film.
027.  Go to the Baltimore aquarium.
028.  Go to a zoo.
029.  Get my "224" tattoo.
030.  Find out my blood type.
031.  Find out Bob's blood type. (O-)
032.  Get another puppy.
033.  Participate in a charity event.
034.  Work through 'A Course In Miracles' again.
035.  Make a lace dress.
036.  Make a Chanel type jacket.
037.  Make a 60's style tailored dress.
038.  Make Bob a perfectly fitted dress shirt.
039.  Get a passport.
040.  Learn how to make paella.
041.  Submit something I have written for publication.
042.  Make a quilt for our bed.
043.  Make a Baltimore Quilt square.
044.  Go to the Holocaust Museum.
045.  Go to the MLK Memorial.
046.  Go to the top of the Washington Monument.
047.  Make a pair of tailored pants.
048.  Make a holiday quilt.
049.  Finish the quilt that Bob chose for Eli.
050.  Lose 20 pounds.
051.  Photograph the tree out front in each season and frame the 4 photos together.
       ~(photos completed)
052.  Bring home Aunt C's sewing machine.
053.  Restore Aunt C's sewing machine to working order.
054.  Make something from Vogue's New Book For Better Sewing on Aunt C's machine.
055.  Become a rape crisis/victims resource volunteer.
056.  Learn how to use my serger.
057.  Play 9 holes of golf.
058.  Play 18 holes of golf.
059.  Make a sweater knit dress.
060.  Make a full length wrap dress.
061.  Make pie crust from scratch.
062.  Visit Loretta and Fred in Rochester.
063.  Visit the Janicki-Howe's in Buffalo.
064.  Visit David in New Jersey.
065.  Visit Erie.
066.  Visit the Finch Hill cemetery.
067.  Visit the cemetery in Simpson.
068.  Make my bombshell dress.
069.  Read 'Middlesex' by Jeffrey Eugenides
070.  Read 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho
071.  Read 'Angela's Ashes' by Frank McCourt
072.  Read 'Wicked' by Gregory Maguire
073.  Read 'Son Of A Witch' by Gregory Maguire
074.  Read 'A Lion Among Men' by Gregory Maguire
075.  Read 'My Life In France' by Julia Child and Alex Prud*Homme
076.  Read 'Let The Great World Spin' by Colum McCann
077.  Read 'Empire Falls' by Richard Russo
078.  Read 'The Girl Who Walked Home Alone' by Charlotte Chander
079.  Read 'Blonde' by Joyce Carol Oates
080.  Read 'White House Diary' by Jimmy Carter
081.  Read 'Our Endangered Values' by Jimmy Carter
082.  Read 'A Stolen Life' by Jaycee Dugard
083.  Read 'Anna Karenina' by Leo Tolstoy
084.  Read 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett
085.  Finish The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
086.  Read 'The Red Tent' by Anita Diamant
087.  Read 'Les Miserables' by Victor Hugo
088.  Read 'Collected Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay'
089.  Read 'Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam'
090.  Read 'The Poisonwood Bible' by Barbara Kingsolver
091.  Re-read 'Woman Who Run With The Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
092.  Read 'Middlemarch' by George Eliot
093.  Read Complete Poems, ee cummings, 1904-1962
094.  Read 'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt
095.  Read 'Vanity Fair' by William Makepeace Thackeray
096.  Read 'An American Tragedy' by Theodore Dreiser
097.  Read 'As I Lay Dying' by William Faulkner
098.  Read '11/22/63' by Stephen King
099.  Read 'Possession' by A.S. Byatt
100.  Re-read 'The Girls Who Went Away' by Ann Fessler
101.  Re-read 'Motherless Daughters' by Hope Edelman

= Started
= Completed