Sunday, August 16, 2015

In My Opinion ~ Thoughts On What Is Being Talked About ~ {7-21-15}

Happy Birthday, Robin Williams

 I am reminded again today, on what would have been Robin Williams 64th birthday, how deeply saddened I am that a man who brought so much joy to so many was unable to feel any himself in the tragic moments when he choose to end his own life.

I hope someday to be able to enjoy his work again, because it really is an amazing legacy.  Since his death, watching anything he was in leaves me feeling sad, even as it reminds me to tell the people I love that they are enough as they are in this moment.  Rest in peace, Robin.  Nanu nanu.

On Caitlyn Jenner and The Arthur Ashe Courage Award

On the evening of Wednesday, July 15, Caitlyn Jenner, formally known to the world as Olympic Gold Medal winner Bruce Jenner, was the honored recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

I understand that there are people who are angry that Caitlyn received this award, instead of another of the equally amazing and relevant people who were considered. However, Caitlyn represents and is speaking for the segment of OUR population who are the most bullied, the least understood, and who have the highest rate of suicide, especially among our young people. She is standing up and telling her story so that the thousands of other people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth can find the courage and support they need to live their most authentic lives. That IS courage, and I am proud to say that Caitlyn is as much of a hero to me now as Bruce was when he won Olympic Gold and graced the Wheaties boxes of my childhood.

And as for the fashion police, Caitlyn, I can't imagine anyone having anything to say other than you are stunning, and you nailed it, girl!!

Bill Cosby As Rapist

As a survivor of a violent rape myself, my heart breaks wide open for any woman, or man for that matter; rape transcends gender, that has been violated in this most private and personal of ways.  I deeply appreciated President Obama's words on the subject of Mr. Cosby at a press conference when asked whether he would revoke Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom.  "I'll say this ~ if you give a woman or man, without his or her knowledge a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape.  I think this country, any civilized country should have no tolerance for rape."  In answer to the question regarding the medal, he noted that there is no precedent for revocation. 

Since the unsealing of the nearly 1,000 page deposition taken from Mr. Cosby over 4 days in 2005 and 2006, in which he admits to using drugs with women and to attempts at concealing his behavior, virtually every supporter he had has deserted him.  What remains to be seen is if there will be any legal recourse available to his victims.  In the meantime, the man who famously portrayed the quintessential American father to viewers of all ages since The Cosby Show debuted in 1984 has finally been seen for what he really is, a rapist and a liar.  May that bring some measure of peace to his victims.