Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{Vintage} April Fools' Day Fun

I have long been a fan of the first day of April.  Not due to a particularly memorable prank or any form of the tricks and jokes so popular on this day in America, but thanks to the lack thereof.

When I was in fifth grade and my sister was in fourth, our mother; an ahead of her time single mom who really had the sole parenting thing down, made a long standing wish of ours come true by moving us from the apartment we livid in since we were about three and two years old into the single family house we had been dreaming about.

 Imagine the horror that our grade school selves experienced when we were informed that we would be starting at our new school on the day that pranks on your fellow classmates were not only allowed but encouraged; April Fools' Day. 


As you already know from my introductory sentence, no one pranked on, picked on, teased or in any other way made the new kids feel anything other than welcome.  The only torturous part of the day was that long seeming but actually short walk to our new school as we exchanged thoughts about the terrible things that might befall us. 

The walk home went much differently!  We shared gleeful stories about our new teachers and classmates and marveled on the good fortune that brought us to our new home and our new life.  How lucky we were!  From that day to this, April 1 has always been a day for me to remember to embrace change and count my blessings. 
On this particular April Fools' Day, I learned a new thing.  Another favorite of mine!  When I goggled "vintage april fools day images"  all of these pictures with fish came up.  Having no idea what the correlation between fish and April 1 was, I did some research and learned that in Italy, France, and some French speaking areas, the April 1 tradition involves attempting to attach a paper fish to a person's back without being noticed.  Postcards depicting the fish were quite popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

How fun!  Harmless pranking at it's best.  No one is picked on, no one's feelings are hurt, and everyone laughs.  Good times!  Above are two fish that can be cut out, for anyone who wants to try this at home.  I may or may not be taping one of these to my husband's back later.  (wink)

However you choose to acknowledge the day, dear reader, I hope that you will have fun with it, but not at another's expense. 
Live, love, laugh!  xo, Anita