Thursday, March 5, 2015

{Vintage} Snow Day Shots // {Random} Snow Day Thoughts

For those living in the North East section of the country, this has been one crazy winter!  (Stating the obvious, I know.)  And in the Washington, DC area, where I am at this writing, we are having yet another snow day.  Not a record shattering winter this year in either of the areas I call home, but it has certainly been a loooonnnnggggg one.

Perhaps it's because mine started a few weeks before Thanksgiving during a fluke snowstorm that had my very snow savvy Northwestern Pennsylvania town virtually shut down for the better part of two days.  The day prior had been a gift of a day; sunny and in the mid sixties and the perfect day to be outside.  I, along with most of my neighbors and the better part of the parks and recreation department, spent it doing fall cleanup.

So when we all woke up the next morning to rapidly falling snow, the city went into a crazy panic switching grounds care equipment for road cleaning equipment.  I ventured a few blocks down the street toward the grocery store, and was told by fire department volunteers to turn around and head home.  Because the roads were not treated prior to the start of the snow, they would not be deemed safe to travel on until after the snow ended and they could all be plowed.  What followed was two days of neighborly exchanges of necessary items for living as we all waited for the roads to clear.  From that day to this, it has been all winter, all the time for me. 

Most years when March rolls around, I find myself a tiny bit surprised by the first signs of spring.  Spring fashion emails in my inbox, spring nail polish shades front and center at the drugstore, even the announcement of the start of Daylight Savings Time (Sunday, March 8 at 2:00 am) are usually met with  moderate disbelief.  "It's almost over? Really?!"  Not this year, though.  This year I am all 'Bring on the spring!  It can't get here soon enough!!". 

Truth be told, I don't have a real love for the winter, especially now that I no longer ski.  (Husband can't, due to injuries sustained during a near fatal motor vehicle accident.)  At least in my skiing days I had fun trips to look forward to and fun outfits to wear.  Ski clothes are seriously cute!  These days, though, winter and I have basically agreed to coexist.  In earlier stages of my life, I thought I would eventually end up in a warm all the time climate, but after spending a lot of time in Florida at all different times of the year, Husband and I have arrived at the conclusion that we are happier in an area that has four distinct seasons.  Were we crazy to choose the snowiest section of the nation for our forever home?  Perhaps.  But then we've both always tended to do all the things in a slightly over the top way.

In reality, snow days are not very different from any other day for me.  Other than causing me to need to be flexible with my travel days, snow does not have a major impact on how I spend the day.  (More on that in another post, but suffice it to say that I keep busy!)  Husband runs the local division of a company that never shuts down for weather, so unless we want to waste a precious day that he could be spending at our forever home, he goes to work if the roads are at all passable.  Communications via text with his various employees began at 4:00 am today, and he was out the door, as he is most days, well before 7:00 am.  He did arrive home a few hours early though, so that was nice. 

Later on this evening, once the snowfall has stopped, we'll head outside to clean off the cars, and probably throw a few snowballs.  And maybe, if the sidewalks are not all covered with salt yet, we'll take the dogs outside for a romp.  Two tiny white Maltese running around in the snow are a serious delight! 
Here's hoping that, with only fifteen days left until the first day of spring, we have seen our last snow day of the season.  I am more than ready for green grass and colorful flowers!
xo, Anita