Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Seasons Change

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, As the calendar page flips to November, the leaves are falling from the trees and sound crisp underfoot.  The days are much shorter now that we have discarded daylight savings time, and the temperatures have dropped considerably.  After almost two months of a gentle, jacket free end to summer, fall has finally arrived. 

I never mind the final passing of summer very much though, because although carefree days spent outside are a thing of the past for now, there is much to look forward to in the coming months.  My creative self is making lists and plans like crazy!  Hand made holiday decorations and gifts are dancing around in my head, and narrowing down all the possibilities to a few things that I can do and do well is almost as fun for my right-brained analytical self as making them is for my artistic soul.

My favorite part of the holiday season, though, is the food.  I think that's why I enjoy November so much; it contains the holiday, here in America, that is all about family and food and fellowship.  And football!  My family has never been much for throwing a football around on Thanksgiving day, but that would be a fun tradition to add, I think.  Listening to the parade while I do all of my prep work, and the sounds of the football games on TV as the smell of the turkey fills the house are long standing traditions, but certainly leave room for a new one.  I feel the same way about the food; while there are certain traditional dishes that I make every year that we spend the holiday at home, I also like to add at least one new item to the menu.  It's very important to me to honor traditions, but equally important that we do not get completely bored by too much predictability. 

How about you, dear reader; in your holiday preparations do you stay with the traditional, shake it up with something completely new and different, or strike a balance between the two?  Please share, I would love to read!

xo, Anita