Thursday, October 9, 2014

{Vintage} Fall Fashions

Straight from the pages of Everywoman's Family Circle, fashions for your full fall days.

The women of the 1950's certainly knew how to look their best!  Whether grocery shopping, attending PTA meetings or greeting the children as they arrived home from school, their ensemble was chic, well accessorized, and accompanied by the perfectly matched pair of pumps. 

Lightweight wool and flannel in jewel tones, the perfect pair of gloves; what's not to love?  I just have to believe that even the most mundane of tasks on the most average of days had to be a pleasure in clothes like these. 

And the evening wear!  Silk prints and richly colored wool jersey accompanied by sparkly jewels, the perfectly matched shoes + clutch, and opera length gloves.  All put on after an afternoon spent getting a wash and set at the neighborhood hair salon.  And look closely at that couple sipping coffee.  No digital devices on the table!  How lovely that must have been. 

Do you ever wish that you could time travel to a simpler time?  I could definitely make a case for a mid-century lifestyle!
xo, Anita