Friday, September 26, 2014

Bringing Fall Inside

One of my favorite things to do is to change up my décor as the seasons change.  And Fall is my favorite time to do it because A) it is my favorite season, B) October is my favorite + my birthday month, and C) orange is my favorite color.  Adding even more orange to my house than lives there already makes me ridiculously happy.  It's just such a happy color, don't you think? 

Pictured above are a few things I picked up at the farmers market to add fall to our apartment.  I find that I need reminders of fall around during this time of year in the mid Atlantic region, because it still resembles summer outside.  I am also collecting {via on line shopping, my fave!} some indie business made fall season items to bring to our house on my next trip.  I am really looking forward to this upcoming holiday season, because while it will be our second in the house, it will be the first in terms of decorations and meal preparations and entertaining.  Exciting times!

First up is a wreath for the front door, from the Etsy shop Wild Ridge Design.  It is a white door, so I was thinking that I would go with the orange.  Or, should I paint the door orange and get the white wreath?  I've always wanted an orange door.  I wonder if I can find a shade to match nicely with the brick.  Decisions, decisions!

Two words: Velvet. Pumpkins.  Seriously!  These are maybe the most amazing {indie business} décor items I have ever seen.  Velvet in the shape of a pumpkin attached to a real organic pumpkin stem.  Available in, like, four dozen colors.  Are you even kidding me?!?  I may never put them away.  These Plush Pumpkin gems are available at the on line shop of the blog Love, Feast, Table, by the way. 

And if pumpkins are not your thing {as if!}, the same lovely velvet is available in the shape of mushrooms and acorns, with or without the bird's nest.  A fun addition to your fall display and the very definition of making a good thing better! 

This next item appeared in my very favorite {indie or otherwise!} on line shop, Moorea Seal, just the other day.  It was love at first sight!  While I definitely consider them a year round decor item, they have a decidedly fall feel to me, as well, particularly in the natural and mustard shades.

Log bowls made from reclaimed trees, painted in pretty colors and finished with a high gloss.  Love.

Pommes Frites candles are another favorite find from Moorea's shop.  She carries four fabulous scents, including a custom for her blend that I just love, but the fall scents that I am currently burning, Apple Picking and Spiced Pumpkin, can both be found in the PF Candles Etsy shop


How do you mark the change of seasons in your home, dear friends?  Please share, I would love to read!
xo, Anita