Monday, June 16, 2014

{A Work In Progress}

In the year since putting a long planned move into action, I have done very little blogging.  I fully understand the reason for the early absence; there is just nothing blog worthy about disassembling not one but two homes (the one we moved out of and the one we acquired), and nothing very blog worthy about setting up house in a small apartment meant to serve as a sort of extended stay home away from home near my misters place of business. 

But what I am having a hard time understanding is why it has been so hard for me to return to a regular blogging practice!  I think about blogging, I journal thoughts and ideas for blogging, I just can't seem to get back into the practice of sitting down to actually work on my blog.

It just recently occurred to me that it may be that I miss having an area in my home dedicated to creativity.  The apartment is very comfortable but quite small, so each space does double and even triple duty.  When I am spending time there, my lap top, camera and journals often get moved out of sight, and I never seem to end up getting them back out again. 

As for the house, it is so much a work in progress that I do not even have internet service turned on.  I am determined to rectify that in the very near future, though.  After many stops and starts, the place is actually starting to become the home we've been dreaming about.

The photos I am sharing here today (except for the first; I took that one in the garden) are from one of the three rooms on the second floor, which is to be my studio/sewing room.

Though far from "finished", this space is becoming what I've envisioned for it; functional and inspiring space for me to create in.

Do you write a blog of your own, dear friends?  And if you do, how do you make the time and space for it?  Please share, I would love to hear! 

xoxo, Anita


  1. Yes, I have also found that when my home is disorganized, cluttered, or otherwise lacks comfortable and inspiring places to create, my writing suffers as a result. All those little things add up and make a big difference! This year I've been working on tidying and de-cluttering, and I definitely feel that I have more energy for blogging.

    I've also resolved to improve my attitude by visiting and commenting on a positive blog every day of 2014. Found my way here today, and admire your commitment to kindness and finding joy! I have added your site as today's entry on a list I'm keeping on my own blog for reference. :)

  2. That vividly beautiful rose is inspiration in itself!

    I hardly need mention that I have not kept up with my blog this year. One thing that I know for sure is a roadblock for me: having to photograph things, process the photos, and post them, along with writing a bit. Too much time messing around on Photoshop.

    I completely understand the need for a proper creative space, and sometimes you don't know what exactly you need in the space (or not in it) until you have it. I think that just making progress on the house and putting your lovely studio together bit by bit will be very comforting and provide sustenance for your creativity, and maybe even for blogging.

  3. I guess I carry my creative workshop inside me, in some ways, because most of my blogging
    comes out of my everydayness and, of course, my camera and just a simple pen and my notebook which is pretty much always with me. My table (THE table) where we eat and live and do life, in the center of our living space, is the studio space I crave right now so I have to release my creativity in high gear just to have a creative space:) Sometimes I think that actually kneads my heart juicier, maybe:) Anyway, cheering you on as you follow your lovely heart.
    And do message me your address because I drew your name in my little giveaway:)


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