Monday, January 13, 2014

Words Into Action

Do you make resolutions for the New Year, dear friend? 

I can remember, as a teenager, listing them with the same excitement that I had put into my "Dear Santa" letters just a few years earlier.  But as each year passed, making resolutions became less important to me.  As a bit of a perfectionist, it doesn't really make sense to me to plan to change or improve something at a set date in the future.  If something needs that type of attention, I prefer to address it as soon as I recognize the need.  At the moment that I decide to make a change I take pen in hand and compose a list.  I will edit, revise and edit again until it is complete and in order of priority.  Few things in life give me greater satisfaction than crossing a completed task off a list!  I have several such lists going right now, all started in the last year or so, and all moving along at various speeds.  I plan to share some of them and my progress on the blog in the coming weeks, so I hope that you will visit again.

That said, I actually did make a resolution of sorts this year.  It is regarding something that is very important to me, but that I am not always as good at as I would like to be.  I resolved to always show up fully when someone needs my help or support.  You may be thinking that this is something that you always do, with success, every time.  If so, I am in awe of you; please share your methods with me in the comments!  I find it a challenge at times, especially with the people who have not done the same for me, or us, in similar circumstances.  But this is also why it is so important to me.  I have gone through some of the most difficult periods in my life alone, and the mister and I have weathered most of the challenges we have faced as an island of two as well.  So I know how isolating difficult times can be!  If I can make it less so for even one person, I will have succeeded in what I set out to do. 

I hope that the New Year has started well for you!  It has for us; we spent a very pleasant, albeit snowy, holiday season at our "new" part time home in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  The photographs in this post were taken there.  It has become my favorite place in the world!  This sweet little brick house has been in the mister's family since it was constructed in the early 1940's.  We are thrilled to be it's current custodians, and are looking forward to breathing new life into it.  It has been unlived in for the last ten or so years, and we have many DIY projects in various stages of planning and completion.  I have been looking forward to both working on the house and blogging about the process for so long now that it's hard to believe that this time in our lives has finally arrived.  Life is good!

{Please excuse the garage clutter; I just couldn't resist sharing this photo because of the fur babies.  We have a nice sized double lot but no fencing yet, so we put the dogs out on leads.  Where they are standing at the top of the driveway is as far as their leads will let them go.  They stood there, rather than go back inside where it's warm, the entire time the mister was outside.  Too cute!}

Thank you so much for visiting!

xoxo, Anita