Monday, January 7, 2013

Intentional Blogging

When I made a conscious decision to return to blogging, I put some serious thought into how I wanted to approach the process this time around, and waited until I was sure that I could sustain momentum before starting again.

I realized that the best way to continue to find joy in the process is to blog with intention.  In looking for some guidance on how best to do this, I did some reading in my collection of books on both writing in general and blogging specifically, and read what some of my favorite bloggers had to say about it on their own blogs as well.  The one peice of advice that I read over and over was to focus on defining the purpose of your blog, how it serves the world, and to write it down.  It's not necessary to share it, what is important is that you fully understand it. 

I have decided to share mine here, because I believe that sharing a good idea allows for the possibility that someone else will expand on it and make it even better.  Using the model shared in the A Beautiful Mess e-course Blog (Design) Love, I decided to create my purpose statement in the form of a manifesto.

(In no particular order) I believe:

~  that joy exists in the moments and that there is beauty all around us.

~ in living ecletically.

~ that our best and fanciest things should not be saved for special occasions, but embraced and enjoyed every day.

~ that using or re-purposing vintage and found treasures is a wonderful way to honor the past while living in the present.

~ in celebrating creativity in all of its forms.  We are all artists in our own ways!

~ in showing up fully for every thing, every day.

~ in living green, eating organic, supporting independent business and reducing my carbon footprint whenever possible.

~ that learning and growing is a lifelong process, and is more beneficial when it is also a shared process.

It is my intention that all of the content I share on this blog will be centered around these beliefs.  I am hopeful that focusing on them will help me to both blog and live more intentionally in this new year.

Have you ever composed a mission statement or a manifesto for your blog?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. Hi Anita! I never really thought about the purpose of my blog other than to give me something fun to do outside of my very boring job. It has evolved into so much more, my only advice is to never take it or life to seriously, have fun, be free it's your space!

  2. I love your intention
    and the way you see your world
    and that quote is delicious!
    so glad to read your beautiful heart,

  3. A simply marvelous set of aims.

  4. I like your manifesto and I see your purpose in each of your posts. When I read this yesterday, my immediate response to your question was no, I've never had any such mission statement, but I decided to think about it. This morning, I realized that in my old blog, I had borrowed a quote from Flannery O'Connor - "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say." By the time I finished with that blog, I had written an entire story of my writing life and fit some pieces into a puzzle I hadn't known was there. I suppose I had an unintentional intention. :)


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