Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Obsession With All Things Bridal

I have a confession.  I am obsessed, capital letters OBSESSED, with all things bridal ~ jewelry, shoes, lingerie, style, decor, flowers ~ if the word "bridal" appears before it, I am immediately drawn in.  And if the word directly following "bridal" is "gown", I'm lost in a world of silk and lace and white and ivory and tulle and beading and trains for hours

None of this has a single thing to do with the very serious and completely separate subject of marriage.  Another day, perhaps.  Today I am all about the gowns!

Just feast your eyes on these glorious confections from an early 1960's fashion magazine, and you'll see what I mean~



And these lovely photos of real life brides from the same period ~

The dresses in the last two photographs are currently listed for sale in the Etsy shop Union Made Bride, and links to the listings are directly below each photo.  I just discovered this shop a little while ago, and I am in LOVE!  I predict hours of browsing in my immediate future.
Do bridal related items hold a similar spell over you?  Or are you more of a take it or leave it person when it comes to the subject?  Please share; I would love to hear!
xoxo, Anita


  1. The world of brides holds surprisingly little interest for me. I can't come up with any particular reason for that. Too white? Too ephemeral? I just don't know.
    But I have to say that those dresses are incredible! And I love that the Etsy seller shows the real life photos of the dresses in their first lives.
    Someone should write a book on how wedding dresses are both a part of each era's style and beyond it. Maybe YOU should!

  2. i love your love for all things bridal:)
    i haven't given it a thought for years
    but your passion stirs my fancy to lean
    into that idea and let the creativity fly.
    happy browsing,

  3. Hi Anita, just checking in with you, hope all is well. I know you've got a busy year ahead. Hope you're getting a chance to enjoy Spring (if it's gotten there yet)!


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