Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 Photos, A Work In Progress

Since my last post I 've traveled to Florida and back for family time and an 88th birthday party; great fun, but no time for blogging.  I did manage to keep up with my 365 photos project though, which makes me rather happy!  However, I can see from my images that I need to work on being a bit less repetitive with the subjects!  I must remember to take the shots while I am out in the world; even I will get tired eventually of cute puppy pictures and reminders of my Jodi Arias murder trial obsession!


I received "Blueprints of Fashion, Home Sewing Patterns of the 1940's" as a gift during my trip, and am really enjoying it!  I highly recommend both this book and the 1950's version to sewists, vintage clothing aficionados, and anyone interested in fashion design.  They are excellent compilations of the fashions of the day, would provide wonderful inspiration for your own sewing projects, and work perfectly as pictorial references for dating vintage clothing.  Have you perused either of these books?  Please share, I would love to hear!



  1. Tired of cute puppy pictures? Ha! never!
    I do have the 40's Blueprints of Fashion, and I like to drool over it every so often. In fact, I should go look at it right now. Maybe kick my sewing inspiration into gear.

  2. bravo on your photo journaling's a brave beginning to wonderful
    things, I just imagine.
    Big blessings to you in your sewing and
    creating and loving and living:)


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