Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God Save The Queen

I, like many of my fellow Americans, have a long standing fascination with both the monarchy of the United Kingdom and the royal family at the head of it.  As I watched Queen Elizabeth II and members of her family today on CNN's coverage of her Diamond Jubilee, several thoughts were swirling around in my head.  In a world where things change at an amazing frequency, this woman has been on the throne longer than I have been alive! 

June 4, 1953 

June 5, 2012

Without regards to politics in any way, I must say that what I admire about her most is how important civic duty is to her, and that she has dedicated the bulk of her life to public service.  Though I have read that very little is known about her from a personal perspective, the respect and admiration of those closest to her is so evident that I can only conclude that her family is deeply important to her as well.

I wish all of my friends in the United Kingdom many more happy years with her as your Queen!

And now, onto some of my not so serious thoughts today.  It is no secret that I wish that American women still "dressed" on a regular basis; hats and gloves included.  Of course, the fact that I may be the only woman in the room wearing a hat does not stop me in the least!  So, royal watching has always been for me more than a little about the fashions.

I am particularly in love with the nude lace dress that Kate wore today.  Nude lace has long on my fabric wish list for a sheath dress.  I wish now that I had already found some, because I have a feeling that it just got a lot harder to come by!  I think that we will be seeing this look duplicated both in sewing circles and RTW in coming months.

And finally, did you ever see the I Love Lucy episode "Lucy Meets The Queen"?   

Lucy, with Ethel by her side, tries in vain to get the palace guard to crack a smile, and to tell her when the queen might be making an appearance.  The episode first appeared in 1956, the world lost the great Lucille Ball over 20 years ago, and her sidekick Vivian Vance over 30.  And yet the queen they are trying to see is this one; Queen Elizabeth II!  It occurred to me that, in a world where so much changes, there is a comfort in things that stay the same.

xoxo, Anita



  1. I have also been marveling over the longevity, stability, and popularity of this woman's reign.
    It's quite amazing for us who change our leadership every two to four years!

  2. yes! yes to the Queen
    and the sense of majesty she inspires
    yes to Lucy and Ethel joy:)
    I love how you live!


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