Thursday, June 14, 2012

Date Night {Love}

I adore date nights ~ love, love, love!  The mister and I have them often; any night that the two of us are together and focused on each other is a date night in our book.  Some nights it's at home with a movie {we both love chick flicks and action movies equally!}, a home cooked meal {he chops, I prepare}, and a cocktail {wine for me and a single malt, straight up for him}. 

The puppies like these nights the best, especially if we hang out in the bedroom so that they can crawl all over us!

Of course, sometimes a girl just has to put on a pretty frock for a night on the town.  Here are a few of my favorites ~

{Mister likes fancy clothes as much as I do!}  We make a good pair.

Sunset at the lake of my childhood was both romantic and nostalgic.

All dressed up at a special wedding.

Holiday Festivities at the National Tree in Washington, D.C.

Goofing in a photo booth at another special wedding, just the other day.

I'm linking up with the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop today; pop over and take a look!

What do you like to do on your date nights?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. You romantic pair! How wonderful to share these gorgeous pictures with us, you'd made me feel all warm and fuzzy. You can tell how much you pair love each other, it's written all over your faces! xxx

  2. Love shining out in every picture!
    We're the same - good food, a small tipple, quiet time and we're happy.

  3. You two really know how to dress up and look good. What a beautiful pair, and so romantic.
    I guess every night is date night for us, although occasionally we force ourselves to actually leave the house so as not to become one with the furniture. We do love to sit at home and chat and play with the dogs. A cheap date!

  4. you guys are just so adorable together
    and do love
    so very, very well:)
    inspires my heart, it does.
    thanks for the stir,


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