Friday, May 4, 2012

Joyful Moments

Happy Friday!  I'm celebrating the end of the week by listing a bit of bliss, and linking up with Choosing Beauty.  It's such a great reminder to take a look around and find the joy in the moments.

While looking around on Etsy one day, I found a great new shop named Adoption Hero, that sells giclee prints that celebrate adoption. 

Family is very important to us!  It's also very important that we recognize that all families do not come together in the traditional way.  It's wonderful when a man and woman marry and stay together forever, but things don't always work out that way.  Single parent families, step-families and blended families deserve the same recognition and respect as traditional families, same sex partners the same rights as a man and a woman, and adopted children the same acceptance as birth children.  It makes me very happy to have this print hanging in our home as a small reminder of the larger picture.

It is with a joyful sense of accomplishment that I am able to report that we managed to tackle one of the goals on our do it yourself life list; we learned to groom our dogs!  It is as much a learning process for them as it is for us, and we are enjoying it immensely.

Time in the studio is always a source of joy!  I feel blessed every day to live in a home filled with music.

What is bringing you joy these days, dear friends?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. I love your Superman poster and your dogs are so cute! Good food, a log fire and great company are what's keeping me happy today! x

  2. Very cute dogs but music is good for the soul.

  3. I love the expressions on your dogs' faces! They're thinking about grooming - oh no! Just washed my dogs today, and I wash all the bedding and the couch covers on the same day, so it's going to be a long one!
    That Superman poster is really clever and poignant.

  4. I love all your images here and, I agree, a home filled with music is a must!

  5. Your "Joy" posts are always a pleasure to read and this one is particularly touching for me.

  6. I LOVE the superman is adopted.....awesomeness!
    glad your beautiful wings lighted on that:)
    and for the rest of your journey,
    which inspires me everytime I come,
    I celebrate with your joy-finding heart
    and send glad hugs for the loveliness
    of you and your life,


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