Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enjoy The Scenery

Days have been flying by like hours here!  Between work on the yard and the landscaping, road trips and other assorted commitments, all of my best {blogging} intentions have been coming up short.  I have some really fun projects and ideas in the works, but have been lacking the necessary time to pull it all together.  However, sometimes you have to just pause for a few moments and enjoy the scenery, which is just what I did this morning.  Below is a bit of what I took in, shot from a single vantage point on my deck, as a lesson in looking at things in pieces, instead of just as a whole.

It was interesting to watch the way the light played through the trees, and to see the dew on the leaves.  I must remember to take a few moments more often to notice the small things!

I hope that you are finding joy in your moments also, dear friends.

xoxo, Anita


  1. Beautiful greenery. There is always something to fascinate in the small details. Of course my eye goes directly to that gorgeous cardinal! What a handsome fellow!
    I do hope that your days are flying because you are enjoying all the busy-ness. Glad you took a moment for yourself today, and thanks for sharing the small things.

  2. Wonderful sentiments, appreciating the beauty in the details of life.


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