Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vintage Style For Derby Day

Well, I certainly hadn't planned on a six day blogging break, however sometimes, life happens.  But I'm happy to be back now, and I have no plans for another break in the foreseeable future.  (fingers crossed for good luck!)

Now that Easter has come and gone, I am looking forward to the next ritual of Spring; Derby Day.  For us, that means the Virginia Gold Cup, held the same day as the Kentucky Derby; May 5, 2012. 

We spend the day every year with a group of friends who put out just the most fabulous spread.  Because of this, getting ready for race day means two things to me; a dress and a hat.

Such fun!  In these photos I am wearing a modern Lilly Pulitzer shift dress and an Eric Javits hat,  but I'm thinking that vintage is the way to go this year.

I spent some time earlier today creating a mood board on Pinterest, and I thought that I would share a few of my choices here.

I love this vintage (1960's) Lilly!  It would be fabulous with my treasured Eric Javits hat, but this vintage pink straw number is pretty great also.

For a full skirted 1950's option, I'm loving this black and white cotton dress with it's fabulous butterflies!  And I think that the shiny black raffia hat with its grosgrain ribbon is the perfect topper.

I'll be working on my board in the upcoming days; stop by for a peek!  And if you're not on Pinterest yourself, feel free to email me for an invite.  It really is a great place to organize your inspiration from all over the web, to be inspired by the boards of others, and even to socialize. 

Do you have any Spring social events coming up?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. I bet you would look great in the pink straw hat and and dress.

  2. I've never been to a horse race meeting but if I do ever it will have to be a dressing up type event like this - it looks good fun.
    Next social event - a gig my older daughter is playing tomorrow evening.

  3. I'm just drooling over all the dresses and hats. The Lillys are beautiful, and that pink hat! Wow! Do you think you might make a dress for this, or will you add to your amazing collection of vintage?
    I'm going to check out your Pinterest board.

    1. I had actually planned on making a dress, Katrina! But my sewing space is still under construction; the contractor we hired is a friend with a full time job, so slow progress is part of the bargain. After this weekend I do have some time to sew, but not the space needed for what I had in mind, so I am going to make some every day things.
      As for a Derby dress, I'm definitely going to wear something vintage from my collection! I would love to snap up that Lilly, but I already have a modern maxi in that color way. I would add a vintage Lilly to the collection in a heartbeat if I found something unique; plan B is a vintage Vera shift in sunshine colors.
      I have a bunch of things to add the the Pinterest board, but the site was uncooperative yesterday! Are you on there? It can be temperamental sometimes!


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