Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pictures Of Bliss {Twelve}

I find it so therapeutic to participate in Liv Lane's Little Bliss List linky party (almost) every week!  It reminds me to take a few moments and think about what made me smile in recent days, and provides me the opportunity to relive those fun moments by sharing them here. 

Without a doubt, a weekend with my favorite three year old tops the list!  We spent one delightful evening at Chuck E Cheese...

...and another at a beautiful wedding beside the Chesapeake Bay.

A certified shoeaholic, a new pair always makes me smile.  But this special pair makes the list for another reason; they are Toms, the company behind the motto One For One.  For those unfamiliar, for every pair of shoes that they sell, they provide a pair to a child in need.  With a closet full of shoes myself, I sometimes forget all of those around the world that go without.  A visit to their website leaves me blissful about the good works being done, and inspired with ideas to help spread the word.  Hosting a Style Your Sole party is now high  on my wish list for a summer event!  If you are in the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area and like the idea of participating in a day of creativity for a cause, please send me an email; (  I'm envisioning a simple but fun all ages event; picnic style food and drink in the sunshine and tables set up with shoes to decorate and supplies to decorate them with.

You may remember me mentioning my participation in a stich swap recently; I shared the hoop that I sent out here.  I sent it out into the world only to receive it back; it lost a battle at customs and delivery was unable to be completed becasue the shipping address was rendered illegible.  I've sent it back out, and am looking forward to hearing that it has arrived in the hands of the recipient soon!

I received the hoop pictured above all the way from the United Kingdom just the other day; isn't it beautiful?  The events hostess, Mollie of Wild Olive asked that we not reveal the identities of our giftor or giftee, but I think that it is probably safe to say a simple Thanks, Kim!!!  

As I was dashing out the door the other day, a quick glance in the mirror made me smile, and  to pause for a moment to share.  This two toned owl from the 1970's is one of my favorite necklaces!  He's such a joyful little guy.  I also want to mention that the orange dress is from the Red Velvet Fall/Winter line.  Hand made and in my favorite color is a win-win for me; I bought it the very same day the collection launched!

I hope that there are blissful moments in your days as well, dear friends.  I also hope that you'll consider linking up with Choosing Beauty; the weekly linky party stays open until midnight on Sunday.  If you do, I hope to visit; I am making it a goal to read as many of the posts as possible each week.  And if you leave a note in my comment section I promise I will! 

If you don't have a bliss-filled post to link to, please leave me a comment about a happy moment from recent days in your life; I really believe that shared bliss multiplies!

xoxo, Anita


  1. You
    and your artful life
    are so so SO beautiful!!!

  2. Those are wonderful moments! I've been enjoying all the interesting creatures in my yard. Blissful weekend to you!

  3. Lovely happy pictures.
    Toms are popular over here with teenagers which is great. Are they as comfortable as my daughter's friend says?

    1. They are! I think that they're the perfect slip and go shoe, and I see them worn all over the place here. Get a pair; You'll love them!

  4. Nice to meet you too Anita :)
    Your 3 year old is one handsome little guy!
    And the owl is beautiful, I like owls too!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  5. Hey Anita!

    Just saw this post and realised the little owl embroidery made it safe across the pond :) Happy days.


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