Monday, April 30, 2012

Hats For Derby Day

I've been searching around for inspiration for a hat to wear to the Gold Cup races this Saturday in Virginia.  Since the forecast is for a warm, sunny day, I thought a wide brimmed picture hat would be great fun!

These hats in the Kay Windsor ads are just what I have in mind.  Stunning!

And the dresses are pretty great, also!  Though I've decided against a full skirted dress and crinoline for race day, I'd love to find a reason to wear one soon. 

Kay Windsor Frocks was started in 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts, and they produced a popular, independent line of moderately priced dresses for over 30 years.  When Vanity Fair purchased them in 1971, they were producing 5 separate dress lines.  In 1977 Vanity Fair entered into an agreement to sell the Kay Windsor dresses under the JC Penney label, but they did not do well and were discontinued in 1982.

Everything about these 1950's ads are just perfect, I think.  The gloves, the bags and the earrings are so ladylike, and the tag line "The look you love" is spot on.

How do you feel about these fashions; do you love them, or are they not for you?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. The photographs are lovely but not the full skirts are not for me, being on the short side! The hats are fun. Most of all I like the corseted bodice shape. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous hats, gorgeous fashions. Makes me think of tea parties and elegant gardens.
    What about wind? I don't know if there are enough hatpins in the world to keep one of those wide brims from disappearing into the sky.

  3. I love looking at them...perfect for long willowy body types.
    I think I'd look like a little bell;
    a bit too short to pull it off;-)
    But oh how lovely to look you'd be stunning in one.


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