Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Bliss {List~Ten}

Hello friends!  The arrival of the weekend brings with it another opportunity to link up with the Choosing Beauty Little Bliss List and share some bliss.  Please join; you can link your post until Sunday at midnight central time!

The eye candy that is Mad Men has returned for another season!  There are so many reasons that I love this show, and the fashions are not least among them.  I am already on the hunt for bubblegum pink fabric to recreate Betty's dress!

I walked outside the other day and saw that the violets had returned.  Spring Bliss!

Brand new green leaves and a few remaining white blossoms against a perfect blue sky equals a very colorful bliss.

Unexpectedly catching this bird in flight brought bliss to this fledgling photographer!

I just discovered that there is a Vintage Pattern sewing contest going on at Pattern Review, and that there is just enough time left for me to take part!  It ends on April 15, so I choose this pretty simple wrap dress from my stash as my first choice.  I'm hoping that a tissue fit shows that no major alterations will be required.  If all goes well, I'll be making the sleeveless version from this animal print, a linen silk blend, with the contrast from black radiance, a cotton silk blend. 

I hope that you'll come back next week; I'll either have progress pictures of this one, or details about my second choice.  And as soon as I finish this, I'll be starting one of my choices for That's Sew Cinematic

What's bringing you bliss this week?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. oh happy Spring to you
    and that bird!
    ...fledgling photographer joy indeed!
    thanks for sharing all your blossoming,

  2. I love the idea of a vintage pattern sewing contest. It will be fun to follow along with you!

  3. Great list Anita! Very glamorous and gorgeous! Hope this week is just as blissful! xx

  4. Oh it gives me bliss that you sew and create!! Can't wait to see the results!


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