Friday, March 2, 2012

Listing My Bliss {Six}

It's Friday again, and that means it's time for a bliss list! 

It's also the second day of March already; did it catch everyone by surprise, or is it just me?  Time seems to be just flying these days!  {In a good way.}  And while much of the country has been dealing with storms, the month that "comes in as a lion" has been blissfully calm and sunny so far here in the mid-Atlantic.  There is rain in the forecast for the weekend, but fortunately for me, my only plans are to spend it at home, working on sewing projects.  Bliss.

I felt incredibly blissful when I saw a pile of cut daffodils at the market yesterday, wrapped and ready to be put into water and brought to life.  Such a sun-shiny welcome to Spring!  {Can you believe that it's just around the corner?}

Natalie Portman made me smile with bliss by her choice of gown for the Oscars, a vintage 1950's Dior.  I am always thrilled to see the vintage movement supported so beautifully!

Rounding out my bliss for this {and every} week is the mister, who fills our days with music.  Despite being advised by caregivers that he's not quite ready, he began working full days this week with a cheerful outlook and an optimistic attitude.  He even managed to find enough energy at the end of the day yesterday for a visit to his favorite local music store and then to take me out for a plate of pasta at my favorite Italian restaurant.  A spontaneous date night = bliss.

I hope that you have had a blissful week as well, dear friends!  Please consider joining the linky party on Liv Lane's Choosing Beauty blog to share, and / or tell me about it here in the comments.  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Love the vintage pictures. We are going to a Daffodil Festival next weekend. So glad Spring is here. Happy sewing.

  2. How lovely. I love the vintage lady's color-coordinated sewing room. I know you're looking forward to having your own sewing room! Hope you have a wonderful sewing weekend, and the mister continues to enjoy his fabulous recovery!

  3. What a lovely blog. So happy to have found you!! I am now following and will be back. Your Bliss List is beautiful. I am a lover of ALL things vintage. You would LOVE the book "Vintage Notions" by Amy Barickman. You should really check it out!! will swoon!!:)


  4. happy dance over here
    for daffodils
    and spontaneous dates
    and all that is bliss to you
    ...your joy is my joy:)

  5. I can't wait to start seeing dafoldils around here - especially blloming in the garden.
    thanks for sharing your list.

  6. One good point this week was noticing how much extra daylight we're getting now - soon be changing out clocks to "British Summer Time" for an extra hour.

  7. I'm so glad the mister's getting on so well! He's an absolute inspiration!
    I love daffs, they're starting to peek through the lawn now, spring flowers make me so happy! xxx

  8. A weekend of creating sounds blissful. I hope you enjoyed the sewing.


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