Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bliss Of The Irish {Eight}

It's Saint Patrick's Day!  That alone is cause for bliss. 

I've always been blissful of my Irish roots.  The beautiful girl just above and below is my grandmother, a first generation American of Irish descent, from whom I get my name.

{Forgive the glare on these photos; the picture above is too large and the one below is too fragile to remove from their frames and scan.}

A family photograph this time, the woman on the far left is my name sake, and that is my mother sitting on the arm of her chair.  There is a bit of Hollywood in my roots, also!  The young girl in the foreground on the right is the actress Patricia Crowley.  She was first featured in the film Forever Female starring Ginger Rogers and William Holden, later starred in the sitcom Please Don't Eat The Daisesand has appeared in many guest starring and reoccurring roles over the years.  It has always been fun to be watching a show and have her appear on the screen!

Seeing this hand painted slate hanging next to my front door always makes me smile blissfully.  This sentiment has hung on the wall of every one of my homes, in one form or another, since I was born.  Tradition = bliss.

My final share today is these pretty shamrock sparklers that I ordered from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Giant Dwarf, so that I could feel fancy all Saint Patrick's Day long. Pretty sparkly things = bliss!

Have a wonderful day, dear friends!  It's a Great Day for the Irish, but it's also a wonderful reminder to celebrate your own heritage, whatever that may be.  I am equally proud to be of Slovak descent, and it's impossible for me to celebrate one without the other.  If you feel inclined to share a bit about your own heritage in the comments, please do!  I would love to celebrate yours, as well!

xoxo, Anita


  1. That picture of your Grandmother is absolutely delightful, what a lovely thing to have on display. I bet she gets lots of admiring glances.
    Those shamrock hair grips are cute, too. Loved learning about how you got your name.

  2. Old family photographs are priceless treasures.
    Interesting family history notes. (I lived in Bratislava for a while btw)

  3. The color of your grandmother's hair! So rich and shiny. Love the reds, auburns and strawberry blonds.

  4. your grandmother was GORGEOUS
    and I see her smile
    in you.
    Blissful. Just blissful:)


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