Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

It's Valentine's Day!  I read recently that something like 190 million valentines are sent every year in the United States.  About half of them are exchanged between lovers; many of the rest are given to children.  When the numbers of valentines exchanged between school children are added in, the amount of valentines given each year rises to over one billion!  That is certainly a lot of heart shaped cards.


I'm not sure that I ever saw a valentine referencing unrequited love before!  Who would this actually be given to? 


Valentine's Day is a favorite for marriage proposals.  I hope that every woman wishing for a proposal gets one, and every man anxious over popping the question is greeted with a resounding "yes!".  I love love!


This is my favorite of the couples cards today.  Boy and girl greeting each other with kisses and flowers; so sweet!

Grade school valentines are such fun!  Everyone gets one from everyone else, but it's what they say that makes for so many anxious children.  Does he like me?  Does she think I'm cute?  A valentine can hold the answers to many of these all important questions!

Here are a few helpful ideas for a last minute party to celebrate the day.  How will you be celebrating the lover's holiday today?  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. There's some adorable vintage cards there.
    I went to an all-girl's school so classmate crushes were pretty few and far between.
    Tonight we're drinking pink fizz and I'm cooking an Indian feast from scratch.
    Hope you and the Mr have a lovely evening! x

  2. Well, it's a bit embarrassing, or maybe a sign of our priorities, but neither of us remembered Valentine's Day!!! Just getting back from a trip, and the Piemaker rushing off to work this morning, and I didn't realize it until I picked up the newspaper at about 10 AM. So I guess that makes it memorable!
    I think that "not fair for me" valentine is one of the funniest ever.

  3. I loved Valentine's day in grade school...all of that loving being
    passed around in homemade boxes and candy treats that seemed like
    happy memories.....I get lots of those
    when I come by here!
    I love love, too.


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