Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring {Sewing} Is In The Air!

Ever since the demo started on my basement last week, I've been dreaming about creating my sewing space, and about finally getting to sew!  I've been planning Spring sewing projects like crazy, and I'll be sharing details about what I'll be making very soon.  But first, I thought it would be fun to share what's been inspiring me to thread my machine.

Simple cuts in bright colors are catching my eye, and I love the idea of a jacket or wrap over a sleeveless dress; perfect to throw over shoulders when the sun goes down.

A houndstooth or gingham plaid suit?  Yes, please!  I just love the pairing of a pencil skirt with the three-quarter sleeve jacket, which will look as fresh today as it did in decades past.

For day, for night, or for day into night, one can never go wrong with a simple A-line sheath.

Isn't all of the styling in these photos just beautiful?  The wrist length white gloves just scream Spring!  With the added string of pearls or brooch, perfectly coiffed hair and beautifully glossed lips, they represent polished Spring perfection to me.

Are you planning on sewing any wardrobe additions for the coming Spring?  Please share; I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. I really love the red, so simple but perfectly fitted and elegant. Actually I love all the outfits, with their perfect little jackets. I agree, the styling is amazing. Pearls and gloves everywhere! I have never worn gloves for day or evening (other than the winter wool kind). Have you? I always wondered how they kept them clean.

    1. I have worn them, Katrina! I love the glamour of long kid gloves for evening. And the short ones for day are just so ladylike. I have a pair of ivory kid gloves that are hand washable, and they came spotlessly clean with when I tried it. They were a little stiff after they dried, but they softened back up shortly after I put them on. The nylon ones wash up well, also. You should try a pair for Spring! I found several pair on Etsy, priced pretty reasonably.

  2. Oh the glamour and sophistication, I'd love to be clever enough to make those beautiful garments! I've got a sewing day planned for next week, I'm fancying a tunic top with flared pants. x

  3. Love the dress + jacket suits. I've seen some wild printed fabric with peacock feathers on it - thinking maybe for a jacket lining and add a small detail on a matching dress. Plenty of ideas but not enough time or energy!

  4. swooning over the easy feeling
    to these colors
    and dresses.
    life really did seem
    simpler back then.
    I want a second serving
    of simplicity:)


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