Friday, January 27, 2012

Listing My Bliss {And Linking With Choosing Beauty, Number One}

Liv Lane, of Choosing Beauty and How To Build A Blog You Truly Love {I'm a second time student!} fame, has chosen Bliss as her focus word this year.  Last Friday she posted her first ever bliss list, and this Friday she debuts a Little Bliss List Link Party for all to join.  Won't you pop over and share your bliss, too?

Here is what has brought me bliss this week, in no particular order:

A heavy down pour this morning and scattered showers all day that feel and smell like Spring.

The new Chesapeake Bay Candle manufacturing facility in Anne Arundel County, Maryland just (one town over from me!), which promises to bring much needed jobs to the area and a boost to the economy.  Support our local work force and look for the "Made in Glen Burnie" label.
{Fun fact ~ CBC is the love child of Blissliving Home creator Mei Xu.}

Making breakfast for lunch with my mister.

That these amazing 1950's "sister" dresses, sourced months apart in different locations by the amazing Lauren of Dear Golden Vintage, both belong to me. 
{Stay tuned for outfit posts!}

That finally accepting that as much as I love making a home and working from home, it isn't good for me to do EVERYTHING from home.  This led me to join a gym, and I'm treating myself to (almost) daily workouts.  Bonus = indoor Olympic sized swimming pool!

And most of all, that the mister is excelling at his out patient rehab, is ahead of schedule in his recovery, and that we have had the love and support of so many amazing people along the way.

Where is your bliss coming from these days?  I would love to hear!
xoxo, Anita


  1. I love how you said 'I love making a home and working from home'. That is where my bliss comes from. I could never compromise my time with my family and I don't need too. True bliss (& the gyms the perfect out when you need it!)

  2. Oh my goodness - the picture above you saying you made breakfast for your mister cracked me up! Love that you're finding ways for those vintage shots to relate to your post!! ;o) Thanks so much for joining the party, Anita, and for spreading the word! xo

  3. Hi - it's Jen from BBTL. Great post! Those dresses are AMAZING!!!

  4. I love the images you've used to illustrate your list - so fun! It sounds like you have many reasons to be blissful this week! Hooray!


  5. fabulous list and I love all the vintage photos too!

  6. Wow, that is a big bunch of bliss you've got! Love the photos (swim cap! kitchen cabinets! those dresses!)

  7. Spending creative time with my loved ones is my bliss.

  8. Loved reading your bliss list.!

  9. what a blissful lot of sweet goodness, Anita!
    and the model in that breakfast photo looks like
    Laura Petrie (from the Dick Van Dyke show) which makes me grin:)
    (love that show still)
    And HOORAY big time for your hubby's speedy recovery!!!
    So happy for that. And for you!
    more and more joy to you,


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