Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry {Orthodox} Christmas


Today is Orthodox Christmas, and in honor of my aunt, cousins and their families who celebrate the holiday on this day, I thought I would continue with the Christmas spirit.

Here is a close up of one of the buildings displayed with my manger set.  They are made from cardboard, paint and glitter, and are just the sweetest little things!  The mister and his brother stumbled across them at an antique shop in our town over the holidays last year, and brought them home because they are very similar to a set they remember from their childhood.  They must be made from a mid-century craft kit.  I would love to learn more about them; if you know anything, please share!*

This beautiful Nativity was a gift from the mister's nephew, using the skills he learned from his grandfather.  (Read my post about his woodworking here.) 

So while today is a business-as-usual day for most of us, and some of you may even be taking down your holiday decorations, mine remain up and lit in honor of the people I know (and those I don't!) who are celebrating Christmas today.  My aunt's home in Northeast Pennsylvania will be filled to overflowing with family and friends, young and not-so, laughing, talking and loving each other.  Oh how I wish I could be there!

How are you spending this Saturday?  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita

* Thanks to a dear friend who reads my blog through Facebook, I've learned that those houses are part of a village made by Shiny Bright, and were popular after World War II.  Radko makes a reproduction set.  I am now on the hunt for more vintage pieces!


  1. This is all so lovely! I tend to completely forget that other holidays are going on all around the world (and even close to home). This is a nice reminder of a wonderful celebration, and your decorations are beautiful.

  2. your family devotion is beautiful:)
    happy celebrating to you all!

  3. I love those sweet little houses!
    Hope you had a wonderful celebration.
    Yesterday we went to friends' for dinner, they leave for Goa the week we get back from Kerala, so a goodbye for a couple of months with lots of anticipation for Indian adventures. x


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