Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For The Love Of Indie {Dodo Case}

I finally broke down, joined the masses, and purchased a Kindle.  Full fledged Amazon addict that I am it was inevitable, I think.  In the few days that I've had it, I already prefer reading a magazine on it over the paper format, and love how immensely portable the device is.

A big part of what makes it an enjoyable experience for me is the case I got for it, by DODOcase.

 I came across these awesome cases while {indie} Internet shopping during the holiday season.  They are handmade in San Fransisco using bookbinding techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago. 

A hand carved bamboo tray cradles your device.

The outside is covered with a durable cloth (most are black, though there are more options for the iPad) and the inside comes in your choice of a few colors, depending on your device. 

There is a fun paper book plate on the inside front cover, and the elastic strap that keeps your cover closed also allows you to use it as a stand.

{All of the above photos are from the DODOcase web site.}

I find the experience of doing business with small indie companies so pleasant!  It just makes me feel good to support hard working people dedicated to the success of their business, one product and one customer at a time. 

And I love their name!  According to Wikipedia, a Dodo is a bird believed to be extinct since before 1700.  The Dodo became well known thanks to a notable role in 'Alice In Wonderland', and in current culture is associated with the notion of extinction and obsolescence.

Have you made any stand out indie purchases lately?  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita

p.s.  There is a nice selection of Dodo cases currently being offered by J.Crew, here.


  1. very, very cool.
    happy wintering
    with all that goodness:)

  2. very cool! unfortunately I bought my Kindle Fire case from's black leather and cool, but one of these would have been so much cooler! interesting post, Anita! Hugs!

  3. Love the dodo character! Is it meant to be an ironic nod to the extinction of books, I wonder, or is it just someone's favorite animal?
    I haven't yet been tempted by a kindle, but I did download a kindle viewer onto my PC some time ago to read a friend's e-book. I think the technology is a godsend for people with vision or accessibility problems.

  4. Wow this is really cool! I hadn't seen one before. Great blog and thanks for popping over to mine. Makes me so happy to hear about your low tolerence with plastic bags. I can't wait to watch the movie, hope you enjoy yours and more people jump on board.


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