Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you doing what you love?

The life that I had prior to October 2010 was filled with work, work related social events, and not much else.  When the job that I had devoted my life to for so long suddenly came to an end, I found myself in need of a new direction.  I realized that I had no desire to continue in the fast paced world I had been submerged in, but rather to focus my energy and efforts on the most important (and most neglected!) areas of my life; my home and family.

I quickly discovered that cooking, cleaning and gardening weren't enough to keep my fulfilled, though.  So I sat down with a pad of paper and a pen and made a list of everything that I enjoy, in free form writing style, with no more concentration involved then keeping the pen from drifting onto the table.  When I stopped and looked down, I saw a recurring theme.  Words like clothes, fashion, couture, vintage, collections, hand made, sewing, embroidery, antiques, styling and designing jumped off the page.  I had forgotten until that moment how much I loved to make clothes, design clothes and collect clothes!  I had all but forgotten how much I loved fashions from the past; while I was working I was only able to indulge in my love of vintage through jewelry and accessories.  No more!  These days I dress in new look 1950's one day, and maxi dress and poncho 1970's the next.  So fun!

It was during the days following that free form writing session that this blog was born.  I started it to document my projects, but it has evolved into more of a documentation of my life.

These days I sew and stitch, create new recipes, collect and catalog vintage and take tons of photos.  I am currently taking a blogging class, teaching myself photography and photo shop, and have another blogging class and then a photography class lined up for later this winter.  I am working toward the dream of turning my passions into a business, because I've realized that life is just far to short to spend it doing anything less than what I love. 

How about you?  What do you love to do?  I would really enjoy reading about it! 

xo, Anita


  1. Amen for taking the reins and making your own life happen! I love it!

  2. Hey Anita...I'm in your BBTL this post! Best wishes...I personally love folk/art dolls, doll clothes, fashion illustrating, working with color, retro/vintage this post really spoke to my heart!

  3. Hi Anita,
    I can really relate to your story. Although I am still in the fast past Corp day job while I am trying to build my art business in my off hours. Good for you to be able to see the silver lining and doing what you love.

  4. I love watching the beautiful becoming
    happening with you:)
    I wonder, are you sewing projects
    on commission
    for people?
    I have this dream of someday
    wearing a dress
    that you made!
    I love the way you're following your heart,
    You're inspiring me, you know.
    love and glad hug,

    1. Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment!
      I do plan on offering sewing on commission at some point! I am working on some dress designs, but it is a slow process. Hopefully later this year!
      xo, Anita

  5. Wonderful story, and I love to hear of people who are breaking away from expectations and following their own path.
    After multiple attempts to make a paying career of doing things I enjoy, I gave up and now just do what I want without any expectation of income. This cash-poor existence turns out to be infinitely happier than any time when I was in the mainstream making loads of money.

  6. Great post! I find that I have to keep changing things up to stay interested and happy so what I love is always evolving. Right now it's making jewelry, cooking and shooting, I bet that will be different in 6 months.

  7. Hey Anita! It's Susan ... one of your many BBTL classmates. Remember me?:) You really do have a cool blog. I'm so with you on vintage and I dig photography too. These days my look is that of the groovy 70's; loving the peace symbol ... in fact, just picked one up from Etsy that was orginally made and sold at Woodstock. My husband and I recently bought a VW Bettle Bugger and our license plates read GURU-V:) I also love living in the country and sharing our home with our rescued dogs and cats. I'm realizing as I continue to write here that I may a lot to blog about. Thank you, Anita:)

  8. Hi Anita, I am from the BBTL class. I enjoyed reading this blog immensely. I am going to try the free form of writing sessions you have mentioned to find what I love. Thank you for sharing your journey, I will be visiting your blog for more inspiration whenever I get time.

  9. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on this post that is so close to my heart! I am so happy to be meeting such wonderful people in the BBTL class!
    xo, Anita

  10. Hi Anita, I think it's so brave to write about what you really love and put yourself out there. I started my blog at a point in my life where I was looking for a new direction too, and it has become one of the biggest loves of my life. I love blogging, designing my blog and writing about what makes my heart sing! I've popped by from BBTL and am glad I did. Em :)

  11. I love your vintage pictures. I, too, am wanting to work toward turning my passions into a business. Though I personally could never pull off the look of vintage clothing, I look forward to seeing your designs in the future.

    ~Heather from BBTL


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