Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One week and one day later...

I've found my way back to blog land!  Heartfelt thanks for all of your kind comments, thoughts, prayers and well wishes about the mister's surgery.  They worked; it went great!  The hardware removal went so smoothly that they were able to put in the new hip and finish in under four hours. 

Then the fun really began!  The standard three day hospital stay (medical care dictated by a corporation rather than a physician will always amaze me) turned into four because the patient needed a transfusion on the second day post op.  And what a difference that made! A few physical therapy sessions to learn how to walk with the aid of a walker, navigate steps and get into and out of a car, and we headed for home.

And that's when the fun really, really began.  I thought that I knew how challenging this part would be, but four days in, I can honestly say that I didn't have a clue!  I am beyond grateful for the friends who have visited at the hospital and helped at home; they've been lifesavers.

Thankfully, every day just gets better and better.  During the times of frustration and pain I remind the mister that this is the worst it is going to be; it only gets better from here.  I have applied this thought process to my life at other low periods, and it always helps!

And on a different note, did you notice my new profile picture?  It was drawn by the oh-so-talented Moorea Seal.  I love it so much!  {Having your picture drawn is better than air brushing. :-)} 

I hope that you are having just the most wonderful of days!  Remember to savor the great ones; they are truly a gift.




  1. I'm glad to hear from you and to know that he's doing well. Blood transfusions are like a miracle. Lots of love to both you and the patient. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I am soooo glad to see this post! What happy news! You'll both need lots of strength, patience, and serenity to get through the recovery, but I know you can do it. Best wishes and thanks for sharing the good news.


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