Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Very Favorite {Vintage} Christmas Decoration

Or, an entire post dedicated to a tray!

This plastic tray depicts the Twelve Days Of Christmas, and was made in 1954, as stamped on the back.

I'm not even sure how this particular item came into my possession!  I came across it going through boxes in my basement a few years ago, and fell in love with the cute kitsch-ness of it.

 Every once in a while when I am visiting with a friend or family member, they will hand me a box of "a few things I thought you would like".  (My passion for all things 'old' is no secret among those who know me!)  But I do wish I knew who saw this special item and thought of me, because I would love to tell them how well they nailed it. 

I display this treasure during the holiday season in my dining room; it's walls are almost the same shade of pink used in the tray!

Here are close ups of the twelve days ~

I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas week, dear friends!  It is going by far to fast for me; I still have much to do!  But as one of my favorite blogger friends said in her post today, let's all be sure to remember the reason for the season.  I am happy to say that the meaning of Christmas is the focus of the holiday celebrating here in our home.  The mister and I don't exchange gifts, and we've cut back quite a bit on the dramatic over-consumption that we have participated in during holidays past.  Santa gifts for the little ones are never overlooked, but otherwise we prefer to focus our time and energies on good food, good drink and good times with family and friends.  And this year, watching Bob recover daily from his dual surgeries and take his first crutch assisted steps, both legs the same length for the first time in twelve years, is the best gift either of us could have ever imagined.

xoxo, Anita


  1. Sounds wonderful, Anita.
    And love your tray....and that you know
    yourself so well!
    Hooray for first steps,
    baby steps
    and all the steps forward you'll make
    in the coming year!
    Cheering you on with love,

  2. I bet Bob's really excited about being able to go out and buy a new pair of trousers, isn't he? I know I was.
    I'm delighted to hear he's doing well and completely agree with your sentiments on good food, drink and company rather than frittering money away on frivolities. xxx

  3. That tray is soooo cool! Do you know anything about the N Howard or H Howard who apparently was the artist? The style looks similar to some of the book and magazine illustrations of that time. So fun!
    I'm very happy to hear of the mister's progress; it is a lovely gift. Have a very happy holiday!

  4. I love this little tray! How sweet.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)


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