Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Talk Turkey {Day}

I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is almost here!  It is my favorite holiday I think; food and family ~ what's not to love? 

A big part of the fun for me is in the planning ~

           ~to brine or not to brine? 

           ~my (mothers) stuffing recipe or the misters (mothers)? 

           ~cranberry sauce or relish, or both?

          ~ how many vegetable dishes, and which ones? 

           ~will apple pie and pumpkin pie suffice, or should I add a third? 

And did you ever think about all of the different ways to mash potatoes?  Craziness!   Which way is best? sticking with the hand masher, using a ricer, an immersion blender or a mixer perhaps?  milk and butter? sour cream? heavy cream? so many choices!

I'm off to read some cookbooks and make some lists.  Happy Monday, friends!

xo, Anita


  1. Yes, there are too many choices! We always end up deciding on both or all three of everything since we can't pick just one.
    I have never heard of the turkey in the straw game before. That is the cutest thing, and now I want to find a chocolate turkey.


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