Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Travel ?

As much as I love to plan, prepare and entertain for a holiday, sometimes it ends up being about traveling, so that loved ones have an opportunity to play host once in a while.  Lucky thing for the list maker in me, travel requires a bit of planning as well!

Where to go and how to get there require consideration, of course.

But even more important is what to bring!

I'm not very familiar with the "travel light" concept, however.  This is really are much more me ~

Car trips with the {fur} kids are the most fun of all!  How do you like to travel; with just the necessities, or with everything you could possibly need?  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. I'm a Sagittarius and apparently the love of travel is one of our defining traits. I love the planning and the actual journey and these images are so inspiring. x

  2. That AAA poster is so great! My fur babies love to ride in the car - one curls up and goes to sleep and the other bounces around like crazy. We're not going anywhere for the holiday, but we might take them to visit some horse friends in a few weeks.


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