Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Wore (From The Wrong Side)

I had not intended to let so much time go by between {WIWFTWS of 40} posts, but I have discovered that it takes more planning than I thought to fit a photo session in. 

As anyone who knows me in my day to day life knows, I am both clothing obsessed and a collector, so the what to wear part is never a problem. 

But getting the correct balance of (a) enough time before I have to be where I am heading to pose for the photos, (b) the correct lighting to take the photos in, and (c) someone to actually take the photos, has been tricky.  But I'm working on it!

All of the elements aligned properly yesterday, and I was able to have a few shots taken ~

I'm wearing an Infinite Dress by Haley Starr.  I love it so much that I have it in the maxi length as well!   I was fortunate to purchase them both at a reduced price a few months ago, when she was running a special on her web site.  I try to remember to check back from time to time so that if she runs it again, I can grab a few in other colors.

The other indie component of my outfit is the necklace, made of tatted lace, from the Etsy shop TotusMel Tats.  I love the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon in the center!  She likes to run specials also; if you follow her on Twitter and Facebook you'll see one pop up from time to time.  The occasional giveaway, also!

(Cashmere cardigan from J.Crew and sandals from Cole Haan complete my outfit.)

I hope that you are having a wonderful, feeling fabulous day!

xoxo, Anita


  1. What a gorgeous pic of you! Love the dress but the necklace is my favorite. xoxo

  2. You make the wrong side look like the right side. That dress looks great on you, and the necklace is a great addition. I am defintely going to check out those shops.

  3. Thank you so much, Vicki and Katrina! I'm not sure if it's the right side, but I do my best to make it the fun one!

  4. So cute little black dress. I love its drape and its neck line. :)

  5. Lovely to meet you, that dress and necklace are stunning. x


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