Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Help Me Pick Out A Hat

I have a confession.  When I get an idea in my head about something, I tend to get a bit obsessive.  Just a bit, though.  (Okay, sometimes more than a bit.)  I've decided that I need to add a black fur felt hat to my wardrobe for fall, so I started searching on line, which is my standard method of shopping.  And now I'm confused!  I really want one that goes with everything I wear, with the exception of cocktail and evening clothes (I have a few vintage pieces for that!).  That means business to boho.  Suede heeled boots to flat leather riding boots.  An ankle length tailored coat to a felted wool cape.

Here is what I've narrowed my choices to.  What do you think?

Eric Javits Classic

Eric Javits Bow

Eric Javits Moxi

Eugenia Kim Corinna

Eugenia Kim Lauren
Helen Kaminski Peigi
Helen Kaminski Rawnie
Helen Kaminski Rose

The Eric Javits brand is based in New York, and is considered both high end and fashion forward.  What I like about the three styles that I choose are the timeless simplicity of the designs.  These are definitely not disposable fashion, and I want to wear whatever I choose for a long time!

Eugenia Kim is also based in New York, and her brand is considered innovative and quirky.  She has a passion for vintage, and I think it shows in her designs.

Helen Kaminski is based in Sydney, Australia.  They design for functional style using natural materials and traditional handcraft methods. 

So, what do you think?  Do you like one of these?  Perhaps you own one?  Or do you have a favorite milliner I've overlooked?  I would love to hear!

xoxo, Anita


  1. Well no wonder you're confused, they're all gorgeous.
    In my admittedly limited hat-wearing experience, I've found that the wider brims are unwieldy for everything from driving to walking through doors to standing on a crowded train to walking in the wind. Also difficult to kiss someone, unless you're in a movie.
    I can almost pin it down to one of the first two with the narrower brims - they are so different and both so elegant.
    What great choices!

  2. I definitely love the second one best. With the bow. It's so effortlessly gorgeous =)

  3. What a fabulous choice. I love the Rawni one best follwed by the Moxie. I like more height in the crown and those two do. x


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