Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Basket Full Of Pumpkins

I made some felt pumpkins!  It was so easy and fun to whip up these little pretties that I thought I would share the process on my blog.

Assemble your supplies. The template that I used is available here, along with instructions to enlarge it; I enlarged mine to 3 1/4 inches by 4 1/2 inches.

You will need felt; seen here is Fancy Felt from Giant Dwarf in Pumpkin, Vanilla and Dijon. Choose  coordinating embroidery floss; I picked DMC in #783 and  #3828.  You will also need sharp craft scissors, straight pins and an embroidery needle. 

Cut both layers for each pumpkin and stem at the same time so that they match.

Stitch the two layers together using a whip stitch.  (Here is an excellent tutorial.) Don't worry about trying to make your stitches too neat; we're going for a bit of a rustic look here. The stem does not get stuffed, so I suggest stitching across the base of it to attach it to the pumpkin first, then stitching around it to attach the two pieces of felt together.  You'll end up behind the stitches that attached the stem, so just drop your needle through and pull it out the other side.  You can always lift up the unattached side of the pumpkin to see what you are doing.

Stuff the pumpkin with a polyester fiber fill, and stitch it closed.  That's it!

The basket would look pretty on an end table or shelf, but I have another idea in mind.  I hope that you'll stop back in a day or two when I share what it is!

Happy Sunday!  I hope that you are enjoying a day of family and fun, and maybe even some crafting.

xoxo, Anita


  1. Those pumpkins are adorable! The contrast stitching is just the perfect detail.

    I think it would be great to tack them onto a wreath or use them in a table setting.

  2. They are beautiful, what pretties. I'd wear them as brooches. x

  3. Thank you; I love you all! Wreaths, table settings and brooches all sound fabulous; I need to make more!


  4. Arent these the cutest pumpkings... Hugs, LJ


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