Sunday, October 30, 2011

As Solid As My Favorite Tree

Do you have a favorite tree?  I do, right outside of my front door.  It is tall and strong and solid.  Branches may fall off during strong winds and snow storms, other trees may fall around it, but nothing disturbs this mighty tree of mine. 

It towers high above my house, was here when I arrived, and will probably be here long after I am gone.  It reminds me of the tree that stood in the backyard of my childhood home.  Thanks to the miracle of Google Earth, I know that tree still stands, though I have not visited my home town for many years. 

One of the items on my 101 in 1001 project, which I started earlier this month, is to photograph this tree in all four seasons and frame them together.   I took these Fall photos two days ago.  I decided to stand under the tree and shoot up into it, to be sure that nothing other than tree and sky fill the frame.

I was thinking as I took these about how much will be different the next time I capture this tree for my series, and how much will be the same.

Big things ahead for us this fall!  We learned on Friday that the mister is finally going to have the first of two surgeries to get a new hip at the beginning of December.  {Between now and then he needs to do everything he can to avoid further injury to the crumbling bones around the hardware put in after a near fatal accident 12 years ago, so please send him positive thoughts.}

And oh the changes that will bring!  We've given up many of our favorite things over the last few years as his hip has broken down; the bike riding begun for physical therapy became painful and then impossible, and no golf club has been swung for over a year.  The day we got the news, we talked for hours about all of the fun things we are going to be able to do again! 

Lots to get through between now and then, but it's all going to be fine.  When I asked him how long he thought physical therapy would be, he told me not to worry; he's going to kick its ass!  If they say three months, he's going to do it in two.  He's kinda like my tree that way; you can shake him, but you can't knock him down.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, filled with love and sunshine.

xo, Anita


  1. Please send Mister Anita my very best. I had a new hip five years ago and it was the making of me. I know exactly the kind of agony he's going through.
    Loads of love and positive vibes to you both. x

  2. I'm a hard core tree-lover
    and am crushing just a bit
    over your gorgeous hardwood
    in it's Autumn glory:)
    Just beautiful!
    And my mister is sporting a brand new knee
    he received last November
    and we're enjoying so many more adventures together now....I send you love
    and healing prayers
    for the quickest of mends
    and massive grace for the journey.
    (LOTS of care-giving grace to you!)

  3. Sending much sympathy and positive mental energy your way; I tore a muscle in my hip 12 years ago and was never quite right again. I can't imagine how difficult it is with a bone injury. I am happy things are looking up for your mister.
    I love your tree and your idea of the four seasons photos. We had so many beautiful oaks when I lived in CA, but there was an epidemic that wiped out the vast majority. Very sad. Here in Phx I don't have a particular favorite tree but I admire how mine keep hanging in there year after year. One fell over 8 years ago in a storm and was pronounced dead by the tree service. We propped it up and gave it a pep talk, and it continues to thrive and bear fruit every year.

  4. What a lovely tree! I admire you for committing to such a project. I'm hoping to do NaNoJourMo in November.

    I shall keep your Mister in my thoughts and prayers.



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