Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Perfect Life {Of Dogs}

I completely understand why dogs are referred to as man's best friend.  These two keep me company every day!  They follow me around the house from room to room, and relax on their beds while I web surf, cook and create.

Phoebe is six years old, and resisted a crate every inch of the way.  She happily curls up anywhere, but most often on this bed, which is right next to the crate.  Dawson loves his crate!  If he can't be in a lap, it's his curl up place of choice.  At three years old, he still runs right in whenever I pick up my purse and keys, and wags his tail as I latch the door.


When they first began to play together I thought they were fighting; it sounds so menacing!  But it's all in fun, and neither has ever emerged with so much as a scratch.

 The mister just loves that his putting green does double duty as a feeding station, as well as an ear scratcher for the boy!

I hope that you enjoyed meeting the kids, as we refer to them.  Do you share space with furry creatures?  I would love to hear!

XO, Anita


  1. Yes we do! Two basset hounds. One of them made it into my White Wednesday post today. Loved meeting yours! Adorable!

  2. Yes, I remember! The Rusty Rooster distressing process, aka the basset hounds. Love it!

  3. Hopping over from Wild Olive to say hello and check out your blog. Hello! :)

    We have three dogs and one cat and they definitely keep things interesting. Your furry kiddos are adorable.


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