Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Missoni Love

When Target announced the impending arrival of their Missoni line I didn't get excited.  Not because I don't shop at Target: I do.  And not because I don't like Missoni designs, because I adore them.  ADORE!  But I didn't get excited because I made a conscious commitment earlier this year to use the dollars that I spend on clothing to support Indie businesses.

 I blogged about this in my post supporting the Red Velvet Spring/Summer line, which I continued by my purchase of two pieces from the Autumn/Winter line.  I will share my purchases in future posts, but in the meantime, give them a visit! 

But just when I thought that Missoni fashion was going to remain out of my reach forever, Linda at Emma One Sock listed a few of their amazing sweater knits on her site.

This is not the exact colorway that I got, but it is the same otherwise.  And bonus ~ this one is available right now, and more are promised in coming days.

I took a look at some Missoni dresses on line for sewing inspiration, and this one is my favorite:

I don't want to copy it, but it is a good starting point as I contemplate sewing patterns. 

If you have any ideas for my dress, I would love, love to hear them!

xoxo, Anita


  1. Gorgeous fabric! I like the idea of a simple silhouette for the dress - fancy details certainly are not necessary with that fabric. I think the design would be excellent for a wrap dress as well. Or you could do one with the bodice in horizontal and the skirt in vertical (or vice versa! That would be original!)
    Aside from your commitment to buying from independents, aren't you glad you didn't end up one of the thousands of very disappointed and angry Target customers from that whole Missoni mess? Really bad planning on their part.

  2. Jen ~ You are such a doll; thank you! And I love you, too!

    Katrina ~ Thank you for your suggestions! I am thinking simple as well. And I love the idea of a wrap dress! I didn't get enough of the sweater knit for one, but I am stalking the site to see what else she gets; if a jersey is listed, I'm grabbing it!
    I was shocked when I heard that the whole Target line sold out in mere hours! And when I hear what some of the early customers were doing, it just made me sad.


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