Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fly The Friendly Skies, 1963 Style

When I tuned into the new ABC drama Pan Am on Sunday night, it was not with the expectation of great content; I barely gave that I thought.  I watched for what I hoped would be wonderful period styling, and I was not disappointed!  And for the record, the storyline is pretty good, also.  Global travels, espionage, family drama and a wife/mistress confrontation, all in the first episode.  But I digress.

I love the 1960's!  Everything about the look of the time is fabulous, from the hair so perfectly styled to the beautiful pointed toe shoes with the thin, high heel.   What's not to love about the fashion of a time when no outfit was complete without gloves and a hat? 

xoxo, Anita

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  1. That's the same reason I tuned in! I can't wait to see the fashions. It's hard to tell about a series with just the first episode so I'm reserving comment on that part.


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