Friday, September 9, 2011

The Effects Of Hurricanes and Tropical Storms {On My Sewing}

You may have picked up in my writings that I had been working on setting up a sewing space in the lower level of my home.  I purchased beautiful vintage wallpaper, fabric for curtains and chrome shelves for storage.  It was very slow going, as I have spent most of the time I budget for home improvement projects on yard work, but it was going.

Until Hurricane Irene hit.  All of the materials to finish the space were stored downstairs, along with all of my sewing supplies and both my machines.  The power went out here at 1:00 on Sunday morning, but it wasn't until I achieved a semi-awake state at about 5:00 that I realized that the power out meant no sump pump, which meant that the rain pouring down was probably entering my basement.  I ran down two flights of steps, and stepped down that last step into six inches of water.  Since the stairway is the width of the house away from the sump pump, this was a very disturbing development indeed.

With lighting from Coleman lanterns, the mister and I carried every single personal item from our the lower level up onto the first and second floor.  Luckily, non of my sewing items were damaged!

Ten days after the hurricane (eight of them with power!)  the basement was dry, the carpet removed, and we are were waiting for the insurance adjuster to come (from Georgia!) at the end of September so that we can begin to repair the damage.  Then it started raining again; three days straight so far.  And the power went out again.  And the water came in again.  But as I vacuum water up with the shop vac, I see images on TV of homes submerged and families displaced, and  I realise just how fortunate we are not to have had to leave our home.  And as one of my friends said, the rest is just stuff.

That said, I was going crazy not being able to sew while I was working on studio space, and I am really anxious to get at it now.  Nothing makes me happier or feel more productive than making something with my hands.  And while Linda at Emma One Sock is probably pretty amused by my stash building at this point, I have enough fabric for several months worth of sewing, and my wallet could use a break.  So when the mister suggested that I set up my machines in the dining room, it was an easy sell.  This development is actually a little out of character for me {I like things in my home just so}, but I find that leaving the stress and pressures of my former work life behind has caused me to take such things less seriously.  And I am beyond thrilled to get sewing!

Here's a little peak ~

Machines are set up and ready to go!

My collection of vintage Samsonite holds necessary supplies close by.  And I don't mind that they block the door; I like the space being closed off a bit while I am working.

A sweet little dress maker for inspiration ~

~ and a reminder to keep it all in perspective.

Where do you create?  Do you have a home studio, or have you tweaked a room to do double duty? 

xoxo, Anita


  1. "keep calm and carry on" I love that:)
    Bravo on being resiliant
    and flexible
    and rolling with the changes.
    Sew on,

  2. I'm so glad your supplies weren't ruined. Sorry about the damage though. Glad you are going with the flow and setting up in the dining room. Sew away!

  3. Thank you, Vicki! Now that it's set up, I've been working twice as hard on the clean up so that I can finally get in there. Soon!


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