Monday, August 15, 2011

Indie Love ~ Given and Received

If you spend any time in the do-it-yourself, indie fashion, vintage and/or life style blog world, you are probably familiar with the Red Velvet Shop and the two super talented creatives behind it, Elsie and Emma.  {If not, click on the links immediately and take some time to get to know them.  Go ahead, I'll wait!}

I see that you're still here, or back.  Yay!  Because I want to show you the pretties that arrived in my mail box the other day. 

That print is absolutely perfect for my sewing studio!  {Still a work in progress, and slated to be complete mid to end September.  Stay tuned for updates!}

And what did I have to do to get these, you ask?  It was very simple, really.  As a committed supporter of indie fashion, I was super excited for the first dress line from Red Velvet this past spring, and purchased this pretty dress the day of the launch ~

It is stunning, and I love it.  {One of these days I will do an outfit post in it.}  As a sewist myself, I was particularly impressed by the workmanship, and even more so when I learned that the entire line was sewn on a machine designed for home sewing!

Fast forward to this summer, when I spotted a tweet about a Kickstarter to raise money for an industrial machine to take the line to the next level.  I made my pledge, and received these goodies as a thank you. 

Now I am looking forward to the launch of the fall line on September 1.  Be sure to check it out!  {But maybe not all at once; I'd hate to see it sell out before I get something for myself!}

Do you have an indie favorite?  Please share; I love to learn about new designers!

xo, Anita


  1. your post just made my day! thank you for you kindness and support. i truly am blown away by all the kind-hearted folks like you who helped us get our machine. :)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by, Emma! It is a pleasure to support Red Velvet, and I can't wait for the Fall line!
    xo, Anita


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