Thursday, August 25, 2011

For The Love Of Orange

I'm linking up with the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop, and the prompt for today is Your Favorite Color.  If you're a regular reader, perhaps you've read this post, where I spoke a bit about my love of orange.

  So beautiful! And not only a color, it's also a food and a flower.

 It's a color that you can eat and drink ~

 and use to scent your bath!

I don't remember a time when orange wasn't my favorite color.  My favorite childhood dolls dressed in it ~

And my blogging space this morning is flanked by it ~

In a search of the interwebs, I found vintage pretties featuring orange ~

Such a lovely retro phone!  I wonder if it works?  I remember seeing metal coolers like that orange crush one at old fashioned country stores visited on long ago summers.  They were often used in the absence of vending machines to hold iced soda offered for sale.  You would pick one out wet and frosty and so very delicious!  And do you see the holes drilled in the corners of that sign?  They make me wonder how it was used.  At a produce stand?  To decorate a diner?

I hesitate to even share this 1959 Gretcsh Guitar for fear that the Mister will see it, and want it.  Thankfully, it is an unlinked image as I found it!

And what would a post about such a beautiful color be without showing ways that we can wear it?

Dresses from Diane von Furstenberg ~

Shoes from Jeffery Campbell ~

And a bag from Kate Spade ~

And to make my day perfect, I just found a beautiful fabric in orange on one of my favorite sites, so I am off to search for the perfect dress pattern to pair it with.  {And in other, sewing related news, the studio re-do is underway, and will be revealed soon!  Then many sewing posts will follow, including a dress in orange.}

Have a bright and beautiful day, friends! 

xo, Anita


  1. I love orange too, esp. orange juice, yum!

  2. Ohhh Orange! Love it!
    Great Inspiration.
    Shelly xo

  3. Love the orange shoes! Thank you for sharing such beautiful finds!

  4. Hi! I really hope I win the give away!

  5. luscious orange!
    makes me think of dreamcicles
    and pumpkins (such happy orange globes!)
    and tangerines.
    (energized now....thanks!)

  6. Is that an original blythe doll!? lucky you :)


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