Wednesday, August 3, 2011

cooking and crafting at home

Some of my favorite days are spent at home.  And when I get to spend the day making things, it's even better! 

The plans for today were to take photos for the shops, but the dark and stormy sky ruled that out.  So, since I have been ignoring my stitching projects for the better part of the summer, I thought that this rare bad weather day would be perfect for it!

I can't take credit for the art work {I have Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching to thank for that}, but I am pretty pleased with my stitching.  I am so grateful for the needle arts; it is in them that I have been able to embrace my inner artist.  {pronounced are-teeest in this context , wink!}

And what is better on a dreary day than a pot of homemade goodness in the form of soup?

I am making this according to the chicken noodle recipe I shared here, bu  I have doubled the ingredients to accommodate the beautiful 12 pound young organic turkey that my independent grocer provided me with on Monday.  I just love them; they get the best and freshest of locally produced ingredients around.  Are you lucky enough to have a shop like that near you?  It reminds me a bit of the corner store I used to walk to with my grandmother when I was a very little girl.

I hope that you had a beautiful day in your little corner of the world!  I almost forgot to mention ~ Turner Classic Movies is doing an actor feature day every day in August, and today is Bette Davis day.  How happy am I that it turned out to be the perfect day to day to spend inside with the TV on?  If you answered "pretty happy", you'd be right!

 Sending you hugs and kisses, Anita

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