Monday, July 18, 2011

An Annapolis Summer

Yesterday, the mister and I spend the afternoon and early evening in Annapolis, which is all of about five miles from our home.  We seem to spend so much time traveling to points further from home, rather than staying close.  We've resolved to change that for the remainder of the summer, making regular weekly jaunts into this beautiful city, each time to a different neighborhood or historical site.

We found ourselves Uptown, on the beautifully bricked West Street.

Do you see that Trolley coming down the street?  That is the free Navy Shuttle, which transports residents and visitors to and from key points all over the city.

We spent some time at an outside table at Stan and Joe's Saloon, enjoying afternoon cocktails and appetizers of rare sushi grade tuna. 

After all that wonderfulness, we went inside to watch the World Cup match.  Team USA handled their loss to Japan so graciously!  In the face of the horrible devastation from the Tsunami that they are still recovering from, the win must be a big morale booster.

After leaving Uptown, we stopped at a beautiful Memorial, just over the Navel Academy Bridge. 

There we spent some time enjoying the sites, and taking photos. 

Bob took some of me so that I could show off my pretty vintage dress~

~and I took some of him playing his guitar, for his blog

What a great day!  I am counting down the moments until the weekend, when we can do it again.

I am wearing a 1950's cotton sundress from Dear Golden and sunglasses from Vintage 50's Eyewear, both on Etsy.  Apepazza shoes are from Anthro, and can also be found on Zappos

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Anita

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