Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange

In the beginning of June, I joined a handmade gift exchange on the blog Craftaholics Anonymous.  I was teamed with a lovely woman named Cris, who does not have a blog, but loves being a part of the handmade community none the less. 

I went away for a few days at the end of June and came back right after the fourth of July.  Sitting on my kitchen counter between the bills and catalogs that came in the mail and a note from the house sitter was a package from Cris! 

She clearly believes in being fancy from head to toe, because she sent me~

pretties for my hair!

and pretties for my feet!

So many choices and chances to be fancy!!  I can be pretty in pink-

Fancy in blacks~

or patriotic, to match the theme I have going on in the picnic area outside right now~

And while it was hard to do, I selected my two absolute favorite pieces~

I love the leaves made from printed pages on the headband!  They suit my bookworm personality to a T.  And for my fashionista side, the flower clip with the Chanel style chain and the unexpected feather flair makes me very, very happy indeed.

Have you taken part in a handmade gift exchange lately?  If you have, please share a link to your post in the comments!  Since Cris does not have a blog, I will do a post in a day or two featuring what I sent to her.  {I was feeling very Christmas-y!}

Happy crafting!  xoxo, Anita


  1. Cute! I made beaded mini flip flops for a baby shower a few months ago! They were so cute! But no pics - funny I didn't think of taking any at the time!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  2. handmade in italy
    hello..i really like the things for your hair and is very pretty.


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