Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange ~ Christmas In July

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I participated in  the Craftaholics Handmade Gift Exchange, and my partner was Cris.  I shared the goodies she made just for me here.

I also told you that I would be back shortly with pictures of what I sent her.  But the pictures were lost in the great computer crash of 2011.  {You have probably guessed that there was nothing actually great about it!  Sadly, this crash is responsible for the derailment of my Challenge 365 Picture Project as well, but that is the subject for another post.}

Luckily, I had another set of the lovely napkins I embroidered for her, so I made a set for myself.  While these are not exactly what I made for Cris, you can get the idea. 

Don't they look pretty with my holiday dishes?  Looking at these makes me feel positively cool in the midst of this heat wave.

If you like the idea of participating in a Handmade Gift Exchange but missed this one, don't despair!  Linda of Craftaholics Anonymous will be hosting another one in the beginning of November.  I hope that you'll sign up; maybe we'll be partners!  I was thinking that since I did Christmas in July, maybe I will do something summer themed for the winter.  But I will be taking my cues from my partner, so I will have to wait patiently to be paired before deciding what to make.  In the meantime, luckily there is no shortage of things to work on in my craft space!

XO, Anita


  1. These are amazing Anita! You should add them to your Etsy shop! Love love love them!!!

  2. Thank you so much!! I may just do that!

  3. What a fun swap! Such beautiful napkins!!

  4. Sooo cute! What a super gift idea!...here from wild olive!


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