Friday, June 3, 2011

I love, love, love Friday!

1.   I love       dark chocolate   because      it smells great and tastes great and even the smallest amount is always a treat!   .

2.  A time that mama knew best was     always!  She was right about every.single.thing that she taught (or tried to teach!) me .

3.  My first kiss went a little like this      it was as it should be! First boyfriend, almost 16, sweet. :)  .

4.  My celebrity crush is    Keifer Sutherland. Because he's Jack Bauer.  Enough said! .

5.  My splurge of choice is     clothes, bags, shoes---anything pretty makes me happy!  .

6.  My biggest accomplishment is       being a positive, happy and upbeat person in spite of some dreadful eperiences   .

7.  My dance jam of choice is        anything with a good beat!  . 

Inspirational words for a beautiful Friday:
live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard.
practice wellness.
play with abandon.
choose with no regret.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.
-mary ann radmacher

Thanks for reading! With love,

{{As always, thanks to Lauren, author of the blog ...the little things we do, for this regular Friday feature!}}

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