Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Week In Pictures

I am happy to report that I have managed to capture another week in pictures!  3 down, 49 to go, for those who are counting.  Not me of course, but someone might be! 

Bob and I are also keeping up with our 5 Year Journals, which I am very happy about as well.  Some day, a VERY long time from now, after those we leave behind have divided and dispersed of all of our worldly goods, perhaps someone will sit down with those journals and these pictures and get to know us a bit.  As I look at the beautiful things left to me by family that is gone, I wish that I had more than photos taken at celebrations to tell the story of who they were.  I would love to read a journal written by my Nana!

Before I get too sentimental, I best move on to the pictures!

Day 15 ~ Tuesday, April 19

Vintage star on the side of my house.

Day 16 ~ Wednesday, April 20

Pretty flowers in the grass.

Day 17 ~ Thursday, April 21

Sleeping puppies!

Day 18 ~ Friday, April 22

Etsy love!  Dwarfette bunny from Giant Dwarf.  Tatted lace necklace from TotusMel.

Day 19 ~ Saturday, April 23

The loveliest vintage typewriter.  I can't wait to use this to make labels for my handcrafted items!

Day 20 ~ Sunday, April 24

Sitting on the dock of the bay.

Day 21 ~ Monday, April 25

A tree in the yard.

I hope that everyone is having a beautiful week!

xoxo, a.


  1. i think journaling is such a great thing!
    i totally agree with you about passing memories through generations.
    i recently started keeping a journal again.

    i love you photos! and i'm DYING over your typewriter! it's AMAZING!


  2. You photos are looking great! I'm trying to keep up:)

  3. wowee where did you get the typewriter from??! its beautiful!!

  4. BLahblah Abi~ I found the typewriter on Etsy. It's an addiction of mine! There are several really wonderful working models on the site as we speak, including several with cursive type; high on my list of must haves! Thanks for reading, and I love your handle!


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