Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seven Random Things

One of my first reads here in blog land, not to mention one of my favorites, is Nichole at I Was Only Stitching.  Isn't that a great blog title?

She passed along The Versatile Blogger tag to me; such fun!  I must list seven random facts about myself, and then pass it along to two other bloggers to do the same.  So here we go:

1.  I can't sing, but I love to.  So I do it, at home, loudly and often.  Very few people have heard me sing, only my nearest and dearest.  If you ask them they will tell you how lucky you are that you have never heard me sing. Really, really lucky.

2.  I used to be afraid of dogs.  Big ones, little ones; they all terrified me.  One day my fear just went away.

3.  I hate socks.  HATE.  I only wear them when wearing sneakers, and take them off as soon as I can.

4.  I am terrified of needles.  I will literally almost pass out when I have to get blood work or a shot.

5.  I am also scared of all bugs, and my little sister had to remove them from my space when we were growing up.  Now I remove them from my Misters space.  Yes, I love him that much.

6.  I wish that I lived in an age when women did everything in dresses.  Dresses are awesome!

7.   Do you find it odd that I only participate in the sports (tennis, golf and running) that it is acceptable for a woman to wear a skirt in?

I am tagging Alyssa of Just Putting It Out There, and Cassidy of 9/10, an almost perfect blog.

Alyssa was also one of my first reads, and although her new job keeps her from posting very often, I always enjoy it when she does.

Cassidy was my scrap swap buddy (see previous post), and I enjoy reading her posts as well.  I also hope that she decides to post more often!

Thanks for reading friends, and happy blogging!

xoxo, a.

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  1. i fully agree....dresses ARE awesome :).

    oh...and FYI, your blanks are all posted over at my blog....early even! thanks again for volunteering!


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