Saturday, April 2, 2011

New in April

Has Spring fever hit you?  I officially have it, and my house reflects it!  It is littered with craft projects, home improvement projects and Easter preparations.  I am planning to share my progress with these here all month.

I added a second blog to my sponsorship endeavors for April; I am continuing with 'Wild Olive', and am sponsoring 'One Pearl Button' as well. 

Alli at OPB had a great post the other day that inspired my newest endeavor; journaling.  Like so many others, I am not a faithful diarist.  I have always wanted to be, but I never found a formula that worked for me.  Then I read Alli's post about the five year diary, and was very intrigued.  A short time later I stumbled upon the blog 'Her Five Year Diary'.  After reading the first month's entries and comments, I headed over to Amazon to make these purchases, which arrived this morning:

'Listography' has been on my shopping list for a while now!  I love lists; I carry a Filofax with me everywhere I go, full of the lists that keep my life fairly organized and on point.  A book devoted to making lists; what fun!  And it seemed like the perfect companion piece to my journaling project. 

Why two "Five Year Diary's'?  I thought my wonderful Mister might like to play along, and being the wonderfully supportive guy that he is, he agreed.  We start tonight! 

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend, dear friends.  Happy journaling!

xoxo, a.

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